Tampa Bay is Awesome

We started this project in August of 2013 with Downtown Tampa is Awesome. Our goal was to develop a larger (cities “likes” 5,000) and more engaging audience than the city with less than 90 days and with less than 1 month of the social marketing budget ($500/mo) being invested in a neighboring destination.

90 Results:

  • 5,123¬†“Likes”
  • $500 Invested

The project has since evolved in a combination of 8 geo targeted Facebook pages with over 200,000+ total followers promoting the entire Tampa Bay community.

Revenue Streams:

  • Sponsorship
  • Merchandising/Private Labeling
  • Real Estate Lead Generation (Over 200 per month)
  • Tampa Bay is Awesome- Awesome Summer Blonde Beer- Launched July 2016
  • Ad Revenue