Nurses and Murses


A friend started project in August 2013. We took it over management in January and have increased audience size and revenue exponentially.

We took over the project in January 2016 with:

  • < $100/mo in Revenue

Within the first 60 days:

  • Increase in “likes” to over 110,000
  • Increased web traffic to over 350,000 visitors
  • Generated first Travel Nursing Leads
  • Earned over $1,000 in ad revenue within 30 days

The the page now growing by over 1,000 people/week organically and the average reach per post exceptional. (Screen shot below)

awesome posts

Revenue Streams:

  • Affiliate Sales
  • Tee Shirt Sales
  • Travel Nursing Lead Generation ($500-$5,000 per lead that goes under contract)
  • Ad Revenue